Who We Are

We are the Church of the Nazarene in Big Spring, Texas and we began serving the community in 1928. 

Our roots are found in the Protestant tradition, even though people with a Catholic or no church background will find that they enjoy the style of Real Life. Our beliefs find their origins in an 18th Century reformer named John Wesley who believed in both the transformation of one's heart through the Holy Spirit and serving the broken and hurting of our world in love. We believe that Christian Spirituality is not just for when we die but has a profound effect on the world in which we live. 

We believe that Jesus came not just for transformation of individuals but to abolish oppressive systems. We believe that everyone has an inherent sin problem which interrupts our relationship with God and people and interferes with what God wants to do in the world. Through the death of Jesus Christ we can come to know and experience God and become a part of his reconciling plan for the world. In order to be a part of his agenda, we must renounce our sin, invite his presence into our hearts, and strive to follow him in obedience according to the Bible and the Holy Spirit. 

We are distinctly NOT a fundamentalist church in either our beliefs or culture. We believe in non-literal ways of interpreting parts of the Bible, open and civil dialogue, the empowerment and ordination of women, a non-deterministic view of the end of the world (eschatology), our responsibility to care for God’s creation, and the belief that the primary characteristic of God is love. Our mission is all about LOVING GOD, LOVING OTHERS, AND LOVING COMMUNITY