LIFE Groups

  • Sword and Shield - Lancaster - All Ages

    All Ages: Sun. 9am./Wed Noon in the Conference Room/Commons

    Founded on the promise that God is almighty, our savior, and that he is our sword and shield. Join us as we learn who God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are. 

  • Thrive - Lancaster - Women

    All Ages: Sun. 9am in the Glass Room/Lounge

    Belief that a thriving spiritual life requires deep roots is the foundation of our focus. Join us in the cross generational group as we dig into the word of God book by book.

  • Act Like Men - Lancaster - Men

    Men: Sun. 9am in the Gym Classroom

    Are you ready to become the man that God created you to be? Come join us in fellowship as we learn how to break the chains of sin from our lives, rely fully on Jesus, stand steadfast in our fatih, and truly lead our families. Contact Jesse Morgan: 432-213-0658

  • The pURPOSE of Worship - Lancaster

    wORSHIP teAM: suNDAY 9:15AM

    join us as we worship in the word And focus our hearts on true worship! we are called to worship in all areas of our lives. 

    Contact pETER sullivan: 503-437-3563

  • Ignite -Lancaster - Youth

    Youth: Sun. 5:30 pm

    A youth discipleship group based on 1 Timothy 4:12, "Don't let anyone look down on you becuase you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in fatih and in purtiy." Contact Jessica Lopez: 432-599-9632

  • Espanol Con Dios - Offiste - All/Family

    All/Family: Mon. 7pm at 2696 E FM 1212, Stanton, TX 79782

    An introductory group learning conversational Spanish while being discipled through the Word of God. Learn Spanish vocabulary as we read through verses of the bible, pray, and fellowship together. (No Spanish skills necessary) Contact Sally Callender: 432-296-0078

  • Grounded - OffSite - Young at Heart

    Young at Heart: Sun. 6pm at 805 Dallas, Big Spring, TX

    A group for those that are "aged to perfection". Join us for coffee, dessert, and fellowship as we continue to develop our relationship with God and each other. 

    Contact Donna: 432-213-0739

  • The Constant - OffSite - All/Family

    All/Family: Sat. 6pm at 600 Tonn Road, Big Spring, TX

    A belief that fellowship, community, and oneness should be a constant in the life of a family is at the core of our gorup. Join us as we share a meal and explore the promises that God has for our lives. Contact Burl Cooley: 432-498-5377

  • The way- offsite- all/family

    All/Family: Sunday 5:30 at 2702 Carol Dr.

    We aspire to grow together as we engage in our relationship with god, spouse, and family.

    Contact Richard Scneberger:  432-935-1180