Meet our Staff

  • LEAD PASTOR - Richard Schneberger

    Pastor Richard Schneberger moved to Big Spring with his wife, Sara, and their four young children to become the Lead Pastor in June 2018.  They are excited to be a part of the NazFamily Church and experience all that God has planned in these days.

    Pastor Richard has served in various ministries through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and now Texas.  Most recently, he was the Executive Director of Reaching Our City, Inc., a faith-based community development organization in Oklahoma City, as well as the lead pastor of the R.O.C. Church of the Nazarene and an adjunct professor at Southern Nazarene University.  He holds a B.A. in Ministry and M.A. in Theology from Southern Nazarene University, a Master of Divinity degree from Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston, MA.  Helping people grown in their faith and live into their full potential is one of Pastor Richard’s greatest joys. 

  • Associate Pastor - Peter Sullivan

    Peter Sullivan moved to Big Spring in February of 2019 with his wife Kayleigh, and their daughters Isabel and Lydia with their third daughter Hannah arriving soon.  Peter loves to worship God through music, he is looking forward to sharing that love for God and music here with the NazFamily Church.

    Peter served as a worship leader for eight years at Sheridan Nazarene church and was the worship leader at Seaside Nazarene Church for two years, both in Oregon. While at Sheridan Nazarene Church, Peter fulfilled the role of Associate Pastor for one year. Peter is district licensed and is working toward ordination.

  • Children's Pastor - Gloria Jimenez

    Gloria Jimenez became the Children’s Director at Nazfamily Church in August of 2018. She and her husband Scott have been a church members for the past ten years. They have five children, all grown, and six grand children. Gloria has been working in the church’s children’s ministry as a volunteer.

    Gloria has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from West Texas A & M University. Before accepting the position as Children’s Director, Gloria taught for Big Spring ISD for ten years. She is currently working part-time at Nazarene Christian Academy.

    Gloria’s objective is is to develop compassionate kids by teaching them empathy. She wants them to know that God loves us immensely, so we can love others immensely.

  • The Bridge Pastor- Josh Cisneros

    Josh Cisneros became youth pastor in February of 2013. He is currently the pastor at our Bridge. Campus. He is married to Melissa and together they have four children: Matthew, Isaac, Caleb, and Hailey. 

    Josh recently became ordained in the Nazarene Church in January of 2018.

  • Office Manager-Keely Gomez

    Keely recently joined our Ministry Team at Naz-family in July of 2021. 

    she is married to d.j. and they have 2 children together: adi'lynn and d'jay. 

    she has attended nah-family church for 29 years. 

    she is also our nursery coordinator and is pursuing her bachelors in elementary education.