What to Expect

Upon arrival at NazFamily Church, you will be greeted with a friendly face ready to answer any questions! When you enter the auditorium there is no significance to seating - please sit where you prefer. If you have children they will join us for worship music & come up on stage to participate in what we call a nazkids moment & then your children  will be led to their Sunday School classes.  We have classes for every age from birth through high school. We are very casual so please feel free to dress comfortably. Also, if you'd like to arrive early we have free coffee and donuts in the lobby! Service will begin with a welcome, announcements, worship, and a short prayer. Pastor Richard  will then speak for 30 minutes, doing his best to keep the message interesting, enjoyable, and relevant to everyday life. The message is based on the Bible, and if the job is done right, you'll hear solid Christian theology in intelligent, understandable, and relevant terms. Mid-service we take offering, our offering is for those calling NazFamily their church home...as our guest, your gift is simply your presence. Please don't feel obligated to participate in the offering. Service will end after 75 minutes. Afterwards, you'll pick up children from their classrooms. We hope you stick around and introduce yourself, meet some people, and enjoy the coffee and donuts. Church is about God and worship, but it's also about community and friendship, so we hope people really experience warmth and friendliness at NazFamily Church!